True Stories of the Templar Knights

Who were the Knights Templar?
The Templar Knights emerged around 1119 and, with powerful protection from the Catholic Church, became an extraordinary force for transformation in Europe. They became very wealthy and also brought forth mechanisms to protect pilgrims of any type, whether they were travelling to the Holy Land or elsewhere. They also transformed the nature of trade within Europe.

What is not so well known is that these individuals were deeply spiritual, deeply mystical men who were responsible for the building of the Gothic cathedrals in Europe, for purposes that, for the most part, are completely unknown to the public. Even though these imposing buildings are seen to be great bastions of the Catholic Church, they were built on ancient energy sites well known to the Druids and those who went before them, and they represented powerful tools for spiritual initiation and growth.

Chartres Cathedral (France) - focusses on the heart chakra

Located where two important ley lines cross
Built by the Knights Templar

The time of the Knights Templar came to an abrupt end on Friday, 13 October, 1307, when agents of King Philip of France moved to arrest them. It is recognised that a key reason for his move was because he owed them a great deal of money and he envied their power and influence. Ironically, much of their wealth and their ships had disappeared before King Philip made his move. The legacy of the Knights Templar lives to this day – though groups bearing their name bear little connection to the original group.
The Knights Templar have been thoroughly misunderstood by history. Yes, it is understood that they began their journey by spending some years in Jerusalem, digging in the area of Solomon’s Temple. What they uncovered and what they did with what they uncovered is not well appreciated or understood. Moreover, what is not at all preserved is the way that this group, operating under the watchful eye and indeed the approval of the Catholic Church, actually acted to preserve great secrets of the Light that the Church itself was hell-bent upon destroying, just as it sought to destroy all evidence of the true history of the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph or Jesus, and indeed groups that followed his true teaching, such as the Cathars in southern France.

There are some who acknowledge that it was indeed the Knights Templar who were responsible for the creation of the wondrous Gothic Cathedrals in Europe, particularly France, and indeed that the key Cathedrals created an initiation path for those seekers who sought it out, just as the great temples along the Nile had done in prior times.

The skills and secrets of the Templars were held orally; they were never written down, and these men were deeply mystical, deeply spiritual men who held great knowledge and who themselves could channel; that is, bring forth information from others in the cosmos beyond the veiled consciousness surrounding planet Earth, just as these messages have come from them.


What a great work, it still makes me cry in some episodes.
Adam Daglis, Greece

A wonderfully produced story that will answer many long standing questions about the Knights Templar...I could not stop watching! 
Tony Pann, MD

This beautifully-produced set of videos is magnificent!  Carolyn and Richard give us a glimpse of what life as a Templar Knight was like.  Their courageous story and mission to bring back the Truths to humanity is not only inspirational, but also educational.

Thank you for bringing these beautiful videos to humanity!  The depth, quality and meaning of the video material and graphics are visually stunning and provide a wonderful history of the work of the Knights Templar.  It was pure joy to view them - something to treasure and which will surely stand the test of time!

I was blown away by the videos!  Adams’s graphics brought the material to life!  Stunning!

Hedy Kuhr, AZ

These videos are a living book comprising a glorious tale of truth with historically accurate images and beautiful photographs. I enjoyed this relaxed style of storytelling without the typical flashy special effects to detract from the message. With these revelations - many never shared anywhere before - history stands corrected and the wonders of who we really are come cascading through. Mystical secrets hidden from mankind for centuries are now ours and the implications are endless. It’s time the world knows, as we now awaken to embark on the most important journey of our lives; our journey home.

Molly Chapman, AZ

Messages brought forth from the original Templars

In these recordings, Carolyn Evers and Dr. Richard Presser connect with two of the original Knights Templar who share their information with them. Actually, this is something we can all do, and indeed they teach this skill in their work.

What this means is we strip away the layers of distorted history, twisted stories and hearsay about who and what the Knights Templar were and why they were created. You are getting the truth from "the horse's mouth", so to speak - those who were there.

Here is a sample Episode from the series:

What do you get?

Carolyn and Richard have brought forth the information from the Knights Templar directly, and these messages are now available as 39 Episodes making up over 5 1/2 hours of video in a 2-disc set on DVD or - with much higher quality video and audio - on Blu-ray. The DVD or Blu-ray double disc set will be mailed to you. These are not region-encoded, so they will play in the U.K., Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand - anywhere.

The content of the messages is also provided in a 120+ page eBook for you to study and absorb at your leisure, along with some healing and spiritual development exercises you can conduct in the comfort of your own home, whilst connecting with the amazing secret powers of the Gothic Cathedrals as explained by the Knights Templar in these videos. After you have placed your order, you will receive a link by which to download this pdf immediately.

More Testimonials

It was a huge heart, mind, and eye-opening experience watching this series. It provides the comprehensive cosmic background and coherent historical truth of what it means to be human, for the first time ever in our history. It restores my belief system - “As Above, So Below”, and boosts my faith and confidence for its completion in Rejuvenation and Ascension. It brought great understanding to a large portion of what the Templars did: build the Gothic Cathedrals in plain sight of the Catholic Church for purposes the Church did not understand; discover and preserve the Ark of Covenant and Jeshua's true teachings. Most importantly, when the real heart of what the Templars were about was expressed in the Gothic Cathedrals, a long lasting mechanism was set up for OUR time, and we can now use that technology from where we are presently located, in the comfort of your own homes, using the current energies on the planet and the information held in the grid system above the Earth. I find that very exciting! 
Helen Duan, CA

It is hard to put into words how important this material is to the world. For those whose life's journey has yearned for the spiritual and esoteric, this is the Holy Grail.

The information herein, though primarily centred around the Templar Knights, encompasses The Ark of the Covenant, King Solomon’s Temple, the secrets of the Gothic Cathedrals and much, much more. This information has had to remain buried until now; only those who are aware of the truth know why.

For those who think with their heart, truly this work is unmissable. 
Sean Phillips, U.K.

This series was very fascinating and informative for me. I had the opportunity earlier on to read the material that was channelled from Richard and Carolyn, but hearing the vibration and intonation in their voices in the videos, coupled with the beautiful pictures, pretty much took me over the edge. The images presented are a very important part of the whole picture.
I was most interested in:
-The hidden purpose behind the Gothic Cathedrals in France and how it helps us today
-Who the founders of the Knights Templar were
-The social interaction between the Templars and the recognition of their true identity as soul brothers
-The dual purpose of the Knights with both the church and peasants
-The placement of hidden messages in the Gothic Cathedrals
-The importance of ley lines and vortices
-The use of information from the columns from Atlantis found under Solomon’s Temple in creating the Cathedrals
-The merkabah’s purpose and activation for Ascension
-The Ark of the Covenant’s importance and origins

This is a great gift to humanity and is the next step in our evolution.

Michelle Walling, CHLC author and administrator (

Once I started watching this series I could not put it down. I took every opportunity to watch it, and my eyes were glued to the screen. I thought my soul was popping out and I felt so eager to watch, to read and to remember through the window of the soul – the eyes. Seriously!

It is such a pleasant surprise to learn about the Templars and my heart is filled with honor and thanks to all of those brave men.  These messages through Richard and Carolyn bring us a true breath of hope.
Merriam Joan Handy, FL

My connection to the Knights Templar was instantly evident! Spent at least two incarnations as one... the sense of comraderie and intention and purpose is so clear and powerful!  It's as if I can still hear the laughter and the horses' hooves  resounding down through the ages. And I was a Druid as well, so it all ties in and flows together ... I'm sure many Cherubim incarnated today have been part of all of this. Very exciting! and very timely! Looking forward to receiving the videos...
Ann, NY


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